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Boas Quintas is Founder Confrere of Confraria da Lampantana


Confraria da Lampantana has just been born in Mortágua and Boas Quintas is a founding confrere.

The ceremony of inauguration of the Social Organs of Confraria da Lampantana and Enthronement of the Founding Confrés took place on May 20, 2018.

The reception to the confreres and guests began in Quinta da Boas Quintas, where a breakfast was served consisting of snacks and traditional sweets of the region, accompanied by wines from Dão Boas Quintas.

After the opening ceremony, which was attended by 21 confraternities from various regions of the country, they paraded through the center of Mortágua to the Noble Hall of the Town Hall, where the Social Bodies of the new Brotherhood, Directorate, General Assembly Board and Fiscal Council took possession. Then the enthronement of the 25 confreres, who an took oath before the President of the Portuguese Federation of Gastronomic Confraternities, Dr. Olga Cavaleiro, the Bridesmaids Confraternities (Confraternity of Conventual Conventual of Tentúgal and Confraternity of the Carolos and Popes of Corn) and the remaining Confrarias present.

Lunch followed, consisting of Lampantana accompanied with white and red wines of Dão Boas Quintas. This moment was brightened by the Polyphonic Orpheus of Mortágua, the Folkloric Ranch, the youth group of the Music School of the Mortágua Philharmonic and the Etnographic Ranch of the Azores.

Confraria da Lampantana was created with the aim of promoting, defending and preserving Lampantana, an emblematic product of Mortágua, to which Boas Quintas has been associated because they share the desire to promote the culture, history and tradition of the region.

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