Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

The corporate policy of the Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas is  the base on which our corporate culture has been founded for more than 25 YEARS. Ensuring the conformity of our product means more than complying with what is legally established. It requires establishing and putting into practice the following corporate principles:

  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and others;
  • Guarantee of Quality, Legality, authenticity and safety of food products;
  • Customer focus;
  • Environmental responsability;
  • Sustainability;
  • Ethics and personnel responsability


Food Safety Policy

Our Food Safety Policy is based on our corporate principles, as well as in high standards of quality, legality, authenticity and food security and is guided by the following commitments:

  • Maintain active communication with all interested parties (Suppliers, Customers, Audit and Official Institutions and others) issues related to Food Safety;
  • Ensure that the Food Safety and Management System remain adequate, updated and reviewed periodically, in order to ensure the production in accordance with the established procedures to comply with the legal requirements in force and the contractual requirements assumed with the customers;
  • Ensure the identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks related to Food Safety, complying with requirements based on the methodology H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as by the current regulation and the Codex Alimentarius;
  • Promote the sustainability of the company through a proactive attitude, related to quality, legality, authenticity and food security;
  • Evaluate and continuously promote customer satisfaction;
  • Ensure adequate training for employees in order to develop their skills and enrich knowledge for an effective and responsible performance of their activities;
  • Ensure the involvement of all employees in the implementation, maintenance, updating and review of the Food Safety and Management System;
  • Contribute to a better work environment through the appropriate use of resources as well as the treatment of waste management resulting from the activity;
  • Evaluate the suppliers,qualify them according to the compliance and accuracy of the quality of the products provided;
  • Assure the technological development and the improvement of the processes in order to face the changes and evolutions of the market, reaching a greater satisfaction of the expectations and necessities of the clients.


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