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27 years, 6 regions, 27 countries
Some of the best wines in Portugal

Company History

Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas was born in the year of 1991, in the recognized wine region of Dão. It all began when Nuno Cancela de Abreu, representative of the 4th generation of a family with farming and winemaking tradition of more than 130 years, decided to devote all of his experience and all of his knowledge in viticulture and oenology, to the service of the project that would allow him to create high quality wines, full of character and personality.

Due to the positive reception from critics and with the contribution of awards won since 1998, the company reoriented its strategy, surpassing its original family character. So that, in 2010, Boas Quintas witnessed the extension of its area of production to other regions, asserting itself, as of this date, as a multi-regional project combining, among others, three major Estates: “Quinta da Fonte do Ouro” and “Quinta da Giesta” in the Dão region and “Herdade de Gâmbia”, in the region of Peninsula de Setúbal.

With the expansion of production, in a growth and diversification perspective, the company evolves into an ambitious project, with a wine portfolio covering the areas of Dão, Bucelas, Peninsula de Setúbal, Alentejo, Porto and Douro, showing a strong vocation for export.

With the plurality of wine regions, the philosophy of Boas Quintas is based on diversity and, therefore, believes that each wine carries its own nature and identity.

Nuno Cancela de Abreu was recognized as “Winemaker of the Year 2016” by Aníbal Coutinho and Boas Quintas was awarded the “Company of the Year 2016” by Revista de Vinhos.



We aim to be one of the most important companies in the industry in the national and international market, always associated with the excellence of the wines we sell and market trends follow up, never forgetting our oenological traditions.



Marked by a natural exporter appetite from early stages, it’s our mission to produce wines of excellency, with distinct character and personality.

We indulge our consumers with the production of certified quality wines, resulting from a winemaking experience that uses high-end technologies, which allow to boost the qualities of each nectar, adding sophistication and complexity.



We firmly believe that the wine begins in the vineyard, being the reflex of the surrounding natural conditions, reason why we are especially careful in dealing with and respecting nature.

We believe that the adaptation of our best grape varieties in each wine region, according to their uneven climate conditions, represents their own qualitative essence.


We acknowledge the ecological value and the sensitivity of ecosystems associated with the cultural mosaic present in the vineyards that give rise to our wines.


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